Transfomasi Teknologi Terkini


Construct         : S01 Computer Security Measures
Aspect : LA1.S01.1 Apply Correct Security Procedures Using Antivirus
Instrument : Demonstration


: S01 Computer Security Measures
Aspect : LA1.S01.2 Apply Correct Security Procedures Using Anti-Spyware
Instrument : Demonstration
Construct : S02 Impact of ICT on Society
Aspect : LA1.S02.1 Locate and present information on impact of ICT on society
Instrument : Verbal Presentation
Construct         : S03 PC Assembling
Aspect : LA2.S03.1 Assemble the components of a PC
Instrument : Demonstration
Construct         : S04 Software Installation
Aspect : LA2.S04.1 Install operating system, application software and utility program
Instrument : Demonstration
Construct            : S05 Current and Future Development of Open Source Software and Latest Development in ICT
Aspect : LA2.S05.1 Explain the latest open source software available and the latest development in ICT
Instrument : Written Assignment
Construct         : S06 Network Facilities Setup
Aspect : LA3.S06.1 Crimp and Test UTP Cables
Instrument : Demonstration
Construct : S06 Network Facilities Setup
Aspect : LA3.S06.2 Configure and Test Network Connection
Instrument : Demonstration
Construct : S07 Current and Future Development in Networks and Communications.
Aspect : LA3.S07.1 Describe the Latest Development in Networks and Communications
Instrument : Written Assignment
Construct : S08 Multimedia Development
Aspect : LA4.S08.1 Apply All The Phases Of Multimedia Production To Produce An Interactive Educational Multimedia Project.
Instrument : Project
Construct : S09 Current and Future Development of Multimedia
Aspect : LA4.S09.1 Gather Examples of  Immersive Multimedia In Education, Business or Entertainment
Instrument : Scrapbook
Construct : S10 Program Development
Aspect : LA5.S10.1 Apply Program Development Phases To Develop A Problem-Solving Program
Instrument : Practical Session
Construct         : S11 Current And Future Development Of The Latest Programming Languages
Aspect : LA5.S11.1 Find Out The Latest Programming Languages
Instrument : Report


Construct : S12 Database Development
Aspect : LA6.S12.1 Develop A Database Project
Instrument : Practical Session
Construct : S13 Current And Future Developments In Information Systems
Aspect : LA6.S13.1 Find Out Current Developments In Computer Information Systems.
Instrument : Report